Nina Alexandrowicz was born in Poland . Reference books are giving two different years of birth (1) : 1877 and 1888. She is said to have arrived in France in 1911 and have begun to exhibit her sculptures in Paris the same year.

Nina Alexandrowicz worked for A.A.P.  (Stefania Lazarska's Polish Art Studios) during WW1 , and also opened a shop to sell her own dolls creations.

An article in "La Gazette des Beaux Arts" from 1916, written by Jeanne Douin during the Paris Exhibition of Decorative Arts, and entitled " Rebirth of the French doll " shows a drawing signed by Nina Alexandrowicz which represents few dolls. We must remain reserved about the origin of these as they seem completely identical to those created by Stefania Fiszerowna for the AAP and show no similarities with proven dolls signed by Nina Alexandrowicz . The article also mentions that Nina Alexandrowics made  black fetishes, as well as a wooden doll named "Mimi".

The name of this artist fiigures among other exhibitors in the 1916 (May-June) catalog of the Exhibition of Artistic Toys published by Union Centrale des Arts Decoratifs, and it is stated that Nina Alexandrowicz presented 7 rag dolls for a "puppet show" .

Nina Alexandrowicz's workshop was located 27 rue Delambre Paris in 1916, and later on 216 Boulevard Raspail, near the AAP. See more
(1) Bénézit, Akoun.

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