Stuffed cloth and chamois artist dolls.

 During WW1, Sophie Piramovicz worked for Stefania Lazarska's studios (A.A.P.) as well as for her own account.

Her name figures on the list of exhibitors at the "Exposition des Jouets Artistiques" in May-June 1916. It is said that the artist had presented 4 dolls, some of them being princesses.

In her article titled "Rebirth of the French doll", Jeanne Douin also evokes the strange magnificance of the princesses created by Mme Piramovicz.

The dolls created by this Polish painter are pointed out again in "L'Art et la Mode" of December 1916, in an article titled "Rain and good weather".

Sizes of the rare ones we saw are from 50 up to 60 cm, and there is the signature of Sophie Piramovicz under the sole of one feet.


Workshop : 4 rue Huygens.  1915 + See more

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