Bernard Ravca has produced adults dolls in several materials, the best known being  needle sculpted stuffed silk stockinette with painted facial features . Those realistic soft sculptures represents mainly French old peasants from different parts of the country. Few represent people from upper class and artists.

The artist has won a First prize in 1939 at the "Foire de Paris" for his artistic creation of a life size couple of Normandy peasants. They were later on exposed at "Pavillon de France" at the World Faire of New York the same year.

WW2 started while Bernard Ravca was in the States to exhibit his creations and left him an exile. His family was killed and properties sized during the war. The artist married a young American artist in 1943 and became an American Citizen in 1947.

A color moovie had been produced in the States during WW2 where Bernard Ravca presented his artistic dolls to Americans. (1)

 He and his wife carried on with the doll making in the U.S. after WW2 ended.

Dolls made in France before 1940 by Bernard Ravca have a label sewn on the clothing marked "Made in France".

Some later dolls marked Ravca made of hard material were very probably made by Bernard Ravca's wife Frances Elinor Diecks Ravca.

(1) The Troy Record News Paper 25.11.1943.

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