RAY (JEAN) (2)

Jean Ray was a talented Illustrator who has published his work  alongside Francisque Poulbot and Adolphe Wilette since 1908 in satirical newspapers such as Le Rire and Fantasio. In 1919, he also published in the glossy magazine La Guirlande de l'Art et de la Littérature directed by Umberto Brunelleschi. On may also find his illustrations on the covers of Parisian large stores catalogues, as well as on advertising posters.

Jean Ray is mostly known for his illustrations depicting young children. He worked on the theme of "Little War Godmother"  during WW1 and proposed to Emile Lang (Manufacture Française de Jouets en tissu) a model of doll after his own artistic creations. E. Lang started to make and sell those luxurious dolls in 1917.

S.F.B.J., after having signe a partnership with E. Lang in 1923, clamed from that time to be the only maker of Jean Ray's dolls, however, one can't see any more these beautiful dolls since that very year in any catalogue of Parisian large stores. 

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